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Cargo Brokering

Cargo Brokering

We act as intermediary between shippers and couriers. We  become our client’s single point of contact for their accounts. We responsible for the sale, negotiating with the carrier making sure trucks are on time and on track. Our highly specialized services leads to cost reduction.

We are a financially stable company, meaning we reliable and a viable partner. We have a very strict Partner vetting process which is paramount your cost saving and success.

34 Tonne Loads

34 Tonne Loads

We offer  some of the best condition and serviced 34Tonne tipper trucks in the industry we boast of efficiency and reliability.

Superlink Loads

Superlink Loads
We an experienced and reliable provider of super link loads with an excellent Industry service record.

24-Hour Vehicle Surveillance

24-Hour Vehicle Surveillance
Through our 24 hour vehicle surveillance and tracking devices we have the ability to monitor the following:
  • Engine Temperature
  • Brakes Applied
  • Engine Hours
  • Oil Pressure
  • Distance Driven
  • Speed
  • Whereabouts of vehicle
  • RPM
  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Harsh Braking
  • Excessive Idling
  • Out of Green Band Driving

All Loads include Goods

All Loads include Goods

All Loads include Full loads, part loads and consolidation;

  • Full truck load (FTL)
  • Part load shipments
  • Pallet shipments

We offer a call away service to ensure sufficient and effective management of all your cargo and goods need requirements.

Fleet Management Services

Fleet Management Services
Eternal City Trading 612 has a longstanding reputation of the most trustworthy fleet management solutions. We use the latest and best technology and equipment to improve our customers’ business and service efficiencies.
Effective fleet management services provide several advantages, such as a reduced carbon footprint, operational costs and fuel consumption; less wear and maintenance; fewer accident risks and increased safety.
We offer a web-based vehicle management system and our reporting and analytics tools to improve their overall productivity, operate more efficiently and bring about significant cost reductions.
We have a wide range of unique solutions when it comes to fleet management services.